Are you aware?

Over the past few years, more and more people are becoming health conscious. Many of us are now paying closer attention to the food we eat, the water we drink, and most important, the air we breathe. Though all seem of equal concern, common sense tells us that we breathe air continuously while we eat and drink at various times of the day.

Dust aggravates breathing problems

Dust causes burning eyes and itching skin, and makes allergy problems worse. Health agencies, scientific researchers, and doctors claim that airborne dust may be one of the worst causes of health-related problems.

Common household dust contains:

  • bacteria
  • skin flakes
  • pollen
  • hair
  • fungi
  • dust mites
  • decaying organic matter
  • animal dander
  • textile fibers
  • viruses
  • residue from chemicals
  • ...and more!

Also, having a dirty air system can immensely reduce its efficiency costing you more money and problems in the long run.

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